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Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, 10th November 2000- the web portal for Malaysia's primary comodities. The portal was launched by Tan Sri Dato' Ling Keng Yaik, the Minister of Primary Industry of Malaysia. Owned and operated by Ministry of Primary Industry, the portal is opted to be the main portal for commodities such as Cocoa, Palm Oil, Rubber, Timber and more.

According to Dato Haron Bin Siraj the Secretary General " The Ministry has embarked into yet another innovative platform to promote Malaysia's primary commodities worlwide."

Commenting on the launch, Chief Operating Officer, Meor Fauzi, " will ultimately be the one stop exchange center for Malaysia primary commodities." portal was produced and developed by Magnifix Sdn. Bhd.

About Magnifix Sdn Bhd (Magnifix)

Magnifix Sdn Bhd is a leading Total Linux Solutions Provide with vast experience in offering solutions and services in Internet, Intranet and Extranet areas. The company formed in 1997, also distributes and supports the full range of cost-effective software for Linux.

Todate, the company has provided solutions and consultancy services to large, mid-sized and small organisations. Magnifix is also the authorized distributor and support for SuSE and Red Hat Linux in Malaysia. For more information on Magnifix, please visit or its' development portal at

About myKomoditi

'' is a vertical portal in the sense that it is focus entirely on Malaysia's primary commodities. '' is owned and operated by the Ministry of Primary Industries, Malaysia. The portal or the internet web site is a portal that integrate all Malaysia's primary commodities under one internet address. The portal is primarily to expose Malaysia's primary commodities such as palm oil, timber, forestry, rubber, cocoa, tobacco, pineapple and minerals to the world. Furthermore, the portal will ultimately be a one stop address on the internet for Malaysia's commodity trading, contacts, prices, informations, as well as business and investment opportunities. For more information please visit

About Ministry of Primary Industy

The Ministry of Primary Industries(MPI) was established in 1972 with the amalgamation of the Export Commodities Division of the Ministry ofInternational Trade and Industry and several Units from the Ministry of Agriculture and Land. The role of MPI was to establish an integrated approach to the development of primary commodities sector as it played an important role in the country's economy contributing some 70% of total export earnings in the 1970's. MPI which started off with two commodities under its responsibility i.e. the twin pillars of the economy, rubber and tin, has since then expanded its role to include the development of other commodities such as palm oil, cocoa, timber, other minerals, pineapple, pepper and tobacco in line with the agricultural diversification policy. With the implementation of the Industrial Master Plan(IMP), MPI promotes the development of higher value-added resource based industries i.e. processed and semi-processed products in order to maximise export earnings and socio-economic contributions to the country. For more info please visit


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