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Some of Major certfications
- Oracle 9iDB (Xeon/Itanium)
- Oracle 9iAS (Xeon/Intanium)
- Oracle 11i Business Suite
- Oracle Collaboration Suite
- IBM WebSpere
- IBM DB2 8.1
- Informix IDS
- Informix SE
- Sybase EP
- Sybase EAS
- Sybase SQL Anywhere
- Legato Networker 7.1
- Legato DiskExtender
- Lotus Domino
- Veritas VCS
- Veritas Datacenter
- Sophos Mailmonitor
- Sophos PureMessage
- SAP mySAP Business Suite
- CA Unicenter
- CA Brightstor ARCserve
- CA Ingres relational DB
- Novell Cluster Services
- Novell eDirectory
- Novell GroupWise
- Novell Ximian
- Novell ZenWorks
- Novell iChain
- Borland Kylix
- BEA WebLogic 7
- BMC M/Agent
- BMC Server Mngr
- HP OpenView
- Macromedia ColdFusion
- Macromedia Flash

Hardware Certification:
- Intel Pentium
- Intel Xeon
- Intel Itanium2
- IBM PowerPC (iSeries/eSeries)
- IBM Mainframe (zSeries/S390)

Comparison between Red Hat 7.X vs earlier versions

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Definitely powered by
Red Hat and Apache.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 provides:
  1. reduced costs
  2. improved operational flexibility
  3. a comprehensive services portfolio
  4. an unmatched partner ecosystem

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, released in March 2007, contains more than 1200 components with development spanning over a two year period, so there are a huge number of new features covering a broad range of functionality. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 provides CIOs and IT managers with the means to reduce costs while improving operational flexibility throughout their computing infrastructure. Red Hat Enterprise Linux IT Benefits

The following list provides a brief summary of the more important enhancements. For additional details, see the server and desktop product sections.

Virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Virtualization is provided in all Server products and is optionally available for Client products
  • Storage and extended server virtualization are provided with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform
  • Red Hat Network supports virtualized guest operating systems
  • virt-manager, libvirt/virsh management tools
Kernel and Performance
  • Based on the Linux 2.6.18 kernel
  • Support for multi-core processors
  • Broad range of new hardware support
  • Updated crash dump capability provided by Kexec/Kdump
  • Support for Intel Network Accelerator Technology (IOAT)
  • Numerous enhancements for large SMP systems
  • Enhanced pipe buffering
  • IPv4/IPv6 fragmentation offload and buffer management
  • Dynamically switchable per-queue I/O schedulers
  • Kernel buffer splice capability for improved I/O buffer operations
Red Hat EnterPrise Linux Advance Platform (AP)
for Datacenter, Enterprise & Large departmental
The top-of-the-line enterprise Linux, supporting high-end and mission-critical systems, and available with the highest levels of support. Price
Premium RM 9,050.00 (1 yr RHN support)
Standard RM 5,550.00 (1 yr RHN support)

Red Hat EnterPrise Linux Standard Edition
For entry level & departmental servers
The solution for small to mid-range servers used for the majority of today's business computing needs.

Std RM 2,950.00 (1 yr RHN)

Red Hat EnterPrise Linux Desktop Edition
For desktop & workstations
Ideal for all desktop/client needs, including development workstation, power desktop, targeted client applications, and High Performance Computing.

Price Standard RM 660.00 (1 yr RHN)

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